My Setup

My Setup 1

I have a 10″ Samsung Chromebook as well as a mid-2015 15″ MacBook Pro. Yes, I have a multi-platform setup. No, I don’t care if one is better than the other.

Samsung Galaxy S9 64GB (with a 256GB micro SD card) running Android 9 (One UI beta). Previously, I had an iPhone 6 64GB that I don’t miss.

I have 3 cameras that I use. My Galaxy S9 is of course, the one that’s on me at all times. Then I have a Canon PowerShot Elph 340 HS, and a Nikon D3300 DSLR that’s used when I want to take professional-quality pics. I like to pretend I’m an amateur photographer as you can tell.

Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and 2 Western Digital 1TB portable hard drives my main ways to back up my life. Oh, and the never-ending supply of flash drives, ranging from 4GB to 64GB.

I use Google Photos and Flickr. Flickr for sharing important ones and Google Photos for storing them. I had Instagram once but once Facebook took over, I deleted my account faster than a vulture spotting roadkill. I really don’t use desktop software for my albums since Google Photos came around.

I think that covers just about everything I use on a daily basis. If it changes, I’ll update this page to reflect it. Maybe. I have a horrible memory.

There are affiliate links throughout this site. You are not obligated to click on them or even purchase anything from my recommendations, but any money earned will be put towards Cherry Street Mission Ministries, a local food bank and shelter.