Recently, I moved from the Samsung Galaxy S9 to the Google Pixel 3. In doing so, not only did I move to stock Android, but also moved to a better camera. Let’s face it, I rarely use my phone as an actual phone; I’m either reading, playing a casual game, or playing around with the camera.

The image below was captured using the Night Sight mode on the camera and the light in the car, nothing more. It was about 10pm on a Friday night, hence the reason my youngest is passed out.

Pixel 3 Night Sight Test

Probably planning his next day of terror…

I know, I know. The phone came out in 2018 and the Pixel 4 is due anytime now. Truth is, I don’t go for the latest as soon as they’re released (anymore). Those days are behind me. But I do enjoy the camera a lot and will probably use it more when I’m out to take pics.

(PSA: save the iOS vs Android dribble for someone that actually gives a shit)