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Summer Sunset

That Time Summer Flew By

I know, I know. Summer doesn’t officially end until September 22nd this year, which means there’s 52 days left of the season. But holy shit, where did the season go?

One minute, it was the end of school for my kids (May 31st). The next minute, it’s August 1st and they have just 20 days until school starts back up. As a parent, I welcome the school year and I know my wife will agree on that. At the same time though, I’m still scratching my head as to how fast this month got here.

Normally, summer means it’s time to go out and have adventures: we have Cedar Point close by, the Toledo Zoo, Lake Erie not too far from us, and the Mud Hens, among other tourist spots and activities we have here in Ohio.

Unfortunately, we didn’t do much of anything like we planned this summer. We have a season pass to both Cedar Point and the Toledo Zoo but yet haven’t utilized them like we wanted. The zoo is a bit easier to plan for considering the kids love animals and there isn’t really a time frame we need to follow. For Cedar Point, that’s a different story as we have our youngest that’s autistic and it’s really difficult to accommodate for him (meltdowns be damned).

Of course, we had our county fair 2 weeks ago and went to that since our oldest 2 were in 4H and they were involved with that. But the fair is the laughingstock of the state; you can walk through it and see everything within an hour, 2 at most if you want food. It’s pretty small and I swear it gets worse every year. If it wasn’t for the kids being involved, we’d never go.

At the same time, the fair was 2 weeks ago. That’s usually the indicator that summer is quickly coming to an end, and pretty soon Labor Day will be upon us and then all of the fall activities (which I love). It’s all downhill after that until the holidays (cue the skull and crossbones emoji, as that’s my least favorite time of year).

But, I digress. I need to find a way to make this last month count before we start getting busy again with school schedules.

Hello, world!

Where do I begin?

I’ve had this domain/website/blog/vcard corner of the internet since around 2009, I believe. And in that time, I’ve had close to 300+ posts here. Unfortunately, I lacked vision for the site because every so often, I would attempt to start over while keeping my older posts in tact.

Well, I’ve been slacking in the posting department and my last post was January 2019, with goals as the topic as to what I planned to do here and in life. 6 months later and that post was still there, staring back at me with disappointment I presume.

After re-reading that post, and realizing that I suck at keeping up with posting, I decided to completely kill the site, database and all, and just start over. So, that’s what I did.

What will I post?

Well, it is my corner of the web and so I’ll post pretty much anything I want: pics I’ve taken, short stories, stuff that interests me that may interest someone else, recipes, tips/tricks for anything I can think of, etc.

I don’t even know if anyone comes here to read anything I post but I like to pretend I post useful stuff once in awhile.

TL;DR – Domain is about 10 years old, I posted here under various formats, I began to dramatically slow down posting, I nuked the website completely, and will be starting over.

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