Log Cabin

Old Log Cabin in Oak Harbor, OH
Old Log Cabin in Oak Harbor, OH

Oak Harbor, Ohio has a lot of history. Unfortunately, thanks to shitty decisions by past members of the town, much of the history has been torn down instead of preserved.

Thankfully, someone had the foresight to move an old log cabin from the fairgrounds to its current location, which, ironically, was the location of the old town hall/jail.

Instead of tearing it down, the cabin was moved and preserved for uses such as a cabin for Santa during the holiday season. There isn’t much to it as it’s a single-room cabin, but it’s still nice to see that someone still cares about history, even if there isn’t much back story to it.

Aside from a cabin for Santa, it’s also the site for homecoming/prom pictures, wedding pictures, and even the annual Easter egg hunt in town.

It’s a good reminder of a simpler life, even if it’s nothing more than a simple decoration.

Disasters of Ohio’s Lake Erie Islands

Disasters of Ohio's Lake Erie Islands Cover

Beautiful and deadly, the Lake Erie islands off the coast of Ohio have seen their fair share of disasters. The Victory Hotel on South Bass Island at Put-in-Bay was once the largest hotel in the nation. But the grand residence was reduced to ashes after a spark quickly became a raging, uncontrollable inferno. Reports of smallpox on Pelee Island resulted in mass hysteria and the quarantine of an entire island. At the Toledo Harbor Lighthouse, one light keeper was frozen in for days with his deceased colleague until he could make a desperate escape. Wendy Koile chronicles the fiercest calamities to shatter the tranquility of these solitary shores.

Disasters of Ohio's Lake Erie Islands Photo Credit

I completely forgot that a few years ago, the author, Wendy Koile, contacted me out of the blue to get permission for one of my publicly available images to use in her book, Disasters of Ohio’s Lake Erie Islands.

Just a few weeks ago, I came across the email and decided to check out the book to see how the image was used regarding the many topics covered.

Sure enough, as you can see in the above image, my picture was used for a topic on Kelleys Island. Nothing extraordinary about the picture but it’s pretty cool to see something get published.

This is a pretty good book, even if the author misspelled my last name. 🙂

Using Storyist for Blog Management

Using Storyist for Blog Management 1
Like most people, I’m a little disorganized when it comes to writing. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick note, blog post, or even a story; I can never seem to reduce the amount of clutter that I seem to fall into.

For the last year or so, I’ve been integrating Storyist (Mac, $59) into my every day writing workflow1. Everything from short stories to the more strenuous NaNoWriMo, the app has been nothing but a huge help. Recently, I’ve noticed other bloggers that have put Scrivener to work for them and their blogs, and I decided that I would attempt to do the same with Storyist.

It turns out, thankfully, that the concept is the same across both apps, with very little modifications, if any, made to the template (available at the end of the post).

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Hello World!

macintosh hello

Hello? HELLO? Is this thing on?

Ahem. It seems I don’t actually talk here but instead I should just write what I’m thinking. What a concept! Although it might get me into trouble one day…

But seriously, welcome to version 6 of my website. In the span of close to 8 years, this domain has been through a lot. I could go into the details, but why bore you with them when you can read about it on my About page? In fact, that page says a lot about me, so check it out sometime.

Anyhow, getting back to business.

I could state my long-term goals such as writing the next Great American Novel™ or becoming the next Ansel Adams. But realistically, I’d be just as thrilled to share my words or photos with the world. Maybe. It all depends on what the Magic 8 Ball says each morning.

All I can say is that I will attempt to make writing on this site a regular thing, from sharing a simple link that I find interesting to posting a few words from my writing and even photos that I’ve taken. Just subscribe to the RSS feed if you don’t feel like making your way here on a daily basis. We all do it, so don’t be shy.

Well to put this sixth “first post” to an end, welcome to my website. Grab a drink and let’s connect.