About me

So, you’d like to learn a little more about me. Well, I’ll try to keep it interesting.

As early as I can remember, I lived about 13 years of my life in North Carolina as a military brat, although I really only remember roughly 10 years of it since I was just shy of 2-years-old when my parents moved down there from Ohio.

We only moved once though, so I wasn’t one of those kids that was able to travel the world like a lot of other military families. I suppose that’s a good thing though since I managed to maintain a good amount of friends over the years instead of having to start over every so often.

But anyway, after retirement, my parents moved the family back up to Ohio and I’ve been here ever since. Over the last 21 years of living here, I’ve built a good foundation for myself even though I still want to move back to North Carolina one day.

In that time, I finished high school, graduated from college, met the love of my life and started to raise a family, got married, and now we’re working hard to make sure our kids are happy, healthy, educated, and most importantly, have fun growing up.

About the site

Where to begin?

I’ve had this domain for roughly 8 years now and over that time, this site has been through a lot of revisions. First, it was a simple vCard/resume in hopes that somewhere, someone would see it and hire me. Obviously, that failed and so I quickly dumped that and installed WordPress with the idea to learn the ins and outs of it and start blogging.

Word to the wise: It’s always good to have a clear plan, because as you can see after 8 years of owning the domain, this is my 6th time rebuilding it. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but it’s annoying as hell to keep restarting.

So let’s hope that this revision will last well into the new year. At least that’s my goal.


I’m not exactly sure when my fascination with writing took place, but I can remember as early as 4th grade writing and sharing stories with classmates. I’ve always enjoyed writing exercises during class, and I almost always had a story to write when I was bored at home.

It also helped that from 3rd grade on, I was placed in advanced gifted classes with a focus on writing, along with math and science rounding out my strong points. It wasn’t until 7th grade that I was able to take my writing and turn it into a book with a chance to be published if I made it to the top 3 of all books submitted throughout the nation.

That’s where I learned the importance of writing, editing, revising, and then submitting for review. Not only that, we were also responsible for our own bio that went on the back cover, a thank-you page that you see at the beginning of the book, and even illustrating the cover. All of it was done by us, as to present a professional look to the judges.

They say not to judge a book by its cover, but even I would’ve passed on my book just by looking at it. My cover illustration was pretty horrible, along with the rest of the pages in the book. Of course, I didn’t win or even place that year, but it was a fun experience and I would’ve done it again the next year if our gifted class was participating.

I’ve had tons of inspiration over the years from my English teachers and professors, but one that sticks out is from 8th grade, who always challenged me to do better. What a pain in the ass…but without him pushing me, I doubt I would’ve stuck with writing for this long.

I don’t have anything published, and I don’t really have anything posted on my site as of now, but I do hope to change that. Feedback isn’t the problem, I’ve just never really felt comfortable sharing my work with others. That will definitely change.

Other Hobbies

I’m very passionate about photography although it’s not something that I’m pursuing as a career choice or anything like that. I like to take pictures and share them, but I don’t own anything more than a $600 DSLR camera which I’m still learning to operate.

I also enjoy video games. Again, I’m more of a casual gamer than anything else. I don’t own a lot of consoles and I don’t own a computer dedicated to gaming. I simply enjoy playing games at my leisure to kill some time. Now, my favorite series would be the Legend of Zelda series, but that’s about the only series I will dedicate my time towards.

To round out the list, I recently started getting into gardening and cooking. Well, I’ve always been cooking, but I’ve been getting into trying new recipes and such to bring a better variety of meals to the table for the whole family to enjoy.

And gardening? Well, I can thank my grandfather for that as he always had a garden every year, even up to when he passed away in his 70s. Now that we have our own place, I’m able to dedicate time and space to growing our own fruits and vegetables instead of relying on the local market or grocery store. Unless of course the weather gods are against me and my crop is destroyed. Such is life.


Well, that’s me in a (very large) nutshell. I’m sure I forgot a thing or two but really, this page has over 1,000 words already. If you stuck with me this far, you deserve a drink or three. Just drink one for me as well.

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