Hello World!

macintosh hello

Hello? HELLO? Is this thing on?

Ahem. It seems I don’t actually talk here but instead I should just write what I’m thinking. What a concept! Although it might get me into trouble one day…

But seriously, welcome to version 6 of my website. In the span of close to 8 years, this domain has been through a lot. I could go into the details, but why bore you with them when you can read about it on my About page? In fact, that page says a lot about me, so check it out sometime.

Anyhow, getting back to business.

I could state my long-term goals such as writing the next Great American Novelâ„¢ or becoming the next Ansel Adams. But realistically, I’d be just as thrilled to share my words or photos with the world. Maybe. It all depends on what the Magic 8 Ball says each morning.

All I can say is that I will attempt to make writing on this site a regular thing, from sharing a simple link that I find interesting to posting a few words from my writing and even photos that I’ve taken. Just subscribe to the RSS feed if you don’t feel like making your way here on a daily basis. We all do it, so don’t be shy.

Well to put this sixth “first post” to an end, welcome to my website. Grab a drink and let’s connect.