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And just like that, it’s the third month of the year already. At this rate, I’m going to be 40 before I have a chance to actually enjoy myself this year.

At least baseball starts up soon, as well as March Madness.

Madness, indeed.

Sixteen Years

My wife Jessica and our daughter, circa 2008

Disclaimer: I suck at writing about feelings and relationship stuff. You’ve been warned.

It’s true when they say that time flies when you’re having fun, because it’s hard to believe Jess and I have been together for 16 years as of today.

Well, technically our sixteenth anniversary is in 2031. However, February 5th, 2004 is the day my wife and I started dating officially.

We’ve had our share of ups and downs in our relationship. We’re both stubborn as hell which makes our arguments much more intense when we do fight.

But on the flip side, being stubborn also means that no matter what we go through, we’d rather fix what’s wrong rather than throw in the towel like so many couples do anymore.

I’ve always poked fun at those couples that say they married their best friend in the past, but maybe it’s a sign that I’ve grown up a little because I say that now as well without hesitation.

There’s not another person in the world that I would rather be with then Jess. No other person that I can love as much as I love her. No other person I trust as much as I trust her. No other person as beautiful as she is, both inside and out.

No other person that frustrates the hell out of me at times, and I know I frustrate the hell out of her as well. But that’s what makes our relationship work and why we’ve lasted sixteen years so far.

After all these years together and all that we’ve been through, I can’t imagine my life without her and I’m incredibly thankful that she’s still by my side, through thick and thin, sickness and in health.

Jess, I hope you know how much I love you and the family that we have together. Thank you for taking a chance on me and putting up with my flaws.

Ned Skeldon Stadium

Once a racetrack for the Lucas County fairgrounds, Ned Skeldon Stadium originally opened as Lucas County Stadium to bring the Mud Hens baseball team back to life.

For 37 seasons (1965 – 2001), Ned Skeldon Stadium was home of the Toledo Mud Hens minor league baseball team, based in Maumee, Ohio. The Mud Hens are part of the International League and are affiliated with the Detroit Tigers.

The stadium capacity is listed at just over 10,000 fans, though I don’t recall a game I attended having even half that for attendance. Regardless, it was replaced in 2002 with Fifth Third Field in downtown Toledo.

I recently took a trip to the old stadium to see if it was still standing, and was pleasantly surprised that not only is it still around, it’s being used as a rec center. While I was unable to get inside the stadium to take some closer pics, I did walk away with a few shots of what remains of the stadium itself.

I’m thankful that the stadium wasn’t demolished before I could get some pics. Simply standing outside of the field brought back memories of watching games here.

I grew up watching minor league baseball, starting with the Kinston Indians, so there will always be a part of me that enjoys small stadiums such as this.


20 Years of Aqua

Screenshot from an early preview build. Yes, the Apple menu was removed from the left and was placed in the center. Thankfully, that changed. But still…

From Stephen Hackett:

At Macworld 2000, Steve Jobs unveiled the user interface for Mac OS X. It was called Aqua.
512 Pixels

Has it really been that long since Steve Jobs demoed Aqua to the world? Seriously, I was just 19 when this was announced and a freshman in college. I still remember the keynote to this day and I could not wait to try out the new interface; hell, my computer was supposed to support it so I was definitely excited.

Damn, time flies by too fast. Now, get the hell off my lawn.

52 Week Savings Challenge – January, 2020 Update

Keeping up with my progress on the 52 Week Savings Challenge, at the end of December I had a total of $91.15 saved up over the 3 months. Small change, sure, but it’ll definitely increase more this month and the following months.

In fact, this month alone will almost double the amount ($80 by the end of the month added to the account).

Luckily, the interest rate hasn’t dropped (yet, anyway). Here’s to the next update in February!

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